X13 Finance The Best Auto Staking Rewards Token

Highest Fixed APY – 825,992.73%

Automatic Staking and Compounding in Your Wallet!

Get Rewards Per Block (Every 3 seconds) / 28800 times daily!

Defi 3.0 Multi Chain Farming & BNB Launchpad Earning to support the high reward

X13 NFT Collection: 4 rarities, 3D avatar in X13 Social Game, Daily Reward BNB from 2% sale volume for owners.

X13 Finance Bank: Earn BUSD from 4% trading volume & get the right to vote in X13 Finance Governance

Cross Chain Bridge: Attract new investors from other networks with lower fees

X13 Finance Autostaking Protocol


Fixed Staking APY

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X13 Finance is transforming DeFi with the X13 Finance Autostaking Protocol (XFAP) that delivers the industry’s highest fixed APY, rebasing rewards every 3 seconds (theoretical maximum speed in BSC), and a simple buy-hold-earn system that grows your portfolio in your wallet immediately


X13 Finance NFT Collection

Own exclusive NFT collections that uniquely interact with the ecosystem.

There are 4 rarities of NFT with different reward rate for owners: Common, Rare, Epic, Immortal

Trade it on our Marketplace OR own it to earn passive income and particiate in our X13 Social Game

X13 Finance rewards holders with automatic compounding interest, increasing their $X13 holdings over time.

How much can I earn?

Our products are powered by DeFi and are designed to help you effortlessly generate cash flow from your crypto.

At the end of the year and with $1000 USD of $WSF.

You can earn up to 8,259,927.35 USD of $X13 at 825,992.73%

Earnings are calculated in a scenario where the XFAP sustains the rebase reward for 365 days.


X13 Finance Tokenomics Explained

Slippage: Buy 13% / Sell 17%.

Automatic LP

4% buy and 4% sale return to the liquidity ensuring $WSF's increasing collateral value.


2% sale go directly to the Treasury which funds Marketing and Development for X13 Finance.

Risk Insurance Fund

6% buy and 6% sale are redirected to the RIF which helps sustain and back the staking rewards provided by the positive rebase.

NFT Owners Reward

2% sale convert to BNB and distribute to NFT owners. The higher rarity of the NFT, the more rewards for the owners

X13 Bank

2% buy and 2% sale convert to BUSD and distribute to xWSF holders. So the people who leave give to the people who stay and the people who stay longer get the bigger rewards.


1% buy and 1% sale are burnt in The Bonfire

Competitive Avantages

APY 825,992.73% 383025.8% 158893.59% 102483.58%
Fees 13% / 17% 14% / 16% 15% / 25% 13% / 18%
Rebase Frequency 1 block (3 seconds) 15 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes
NFT Collection Yes No No No
X13 Bank Yes No Yes No
Generate Revenue to Backup High APY Yes No Yes No
Cross-chain Bridge Yes No No No
Social P2E Game Yes No No No
Automatic Burn Yes Yes No No
Sustainable Rebasing Yes Yes No No
Auto-Liquidity Yes Yes No No
Auto-Staking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rug-Proof: No Minting Code Yes Yes Yes No
Rug-Proof: Liquidity Locked Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rug-Proof: Fixed Rebase Time Yes Yes No Yes
Manual Token Buyback Yes Yes Yes No